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… to Luxit for reblogging my Ganesha the Mighty photo…

That put a huge smile on my face :-D


The worst photography mistake I ever made was worrying about what other people thought of my work.

More like the life of insects going about their day :)

Ahhhhh! Not a ton of insects (aside from the aforementioned roaches)… saw one scorpion since I’ve been here. But I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

midlifecrazyman replied to your post “What’s it like living in LV?”

When do you return. We’re in for a glorious week ahead!

*opens window, looks longingly to the northwest with one hand over heart, and other hand reaching out to grab hold of sweet, sweet PNW weather*


Thank you! You are a sweetheart :)

eggplanteyes replied to your post “Whatcha wanna see?”

Bug life? Vacant lots at various times of the day? The range of ages sharing similar entertainment interest?

Bug’s Life? I recommend Netflix! :p

I’ll see what I can do… definitely interesting suggestions, and open to artistic editing!  It would be sweet to photograph kids and grandpa hitting the new skateboard park down the street!

somethingthatmakesyousaywow replied to your post “Whatcha wanna see?”

the lights!

My inexpensive Sunpack tripod broke :’-(  so I’ll have to try and fix it, or get a new one before I tackle long exposure night shots. I just got a monopod with tripod feet, but I don’t think it’ll be steady enough for long exposures, especially with the constant barrage of winds around here. But I definitely love the night shots and neon… luckily there’s an abundance of neon around here :p

midlifecrazyman replied to your post “Whatcha wanna see?”

People… that’s what I try to take shots of when I’m in town. But it’s hard to do. Glad to see you back posting.

I’ve never felt comfortable taking people’s photographs without their consent. However, every time I’ve asked someone they’ve always said ‘Yes’, so I think its my own personal shyness running the show. But I should try it more, learn to be candid. I’ll definitely give it a shot… and I’ll ask about shooting in casinos where the action is!

Lastly, thanks! I’m always here, but sometimes I tend to get lazy and not shoot/post as much. I really need to get over that.